3 Things You Must Know about Watch Strap Keepers

One of the delicate spots (or weak link, as they say 😊) of watch bands is usually the loophoopkeeperholder, or whatever you want to call it. Some refer to it as a ring, but they all refer to that small piece of leather the long strap goes through. 

The strap itself is as good as its' keepers. Once they break, you may as well remove the band from your watch. Forever.

This is one detail that sets apart the best straps from cheap ones: well-made loops.

Here is what to look for:

  1. Good looking soft leather all the way! If the leather is not flexible, does not bend or move naturally or the keeper leather looks cheaper you might not want to buy that strap. 
  2. Look at the details: is the keeper's backside well finished, does the sewing look good? If there is no sewing, a not-so-good-looking stitch, or worse, a metal staple, then consider the strap did not receive the attention needed to be a good one.
  3. What's the price? Even though this is not a direct indicator, it is not difficult to guess that a cheap strap will not go a long way.


In our atelier we offer special attention to this I might say critical part of a watch band. We took a few pictures while working on few keepers, hope this will help you make the best choice.

Preparing the loop for sewing

Our artisan is making the stitch holes


Hand sewing

Hand sewing the loop - this gives it the best possible look and resistance.


Final look

It is a handsome devil, isn't he? 👌