Alligator vs Crocodile for Watch Straps

This is a question asked so many times by watch lovers: what is the best choice for my watch band, crocodile or alligator leather?

Well, here are some facts you might want to take into account for your choice.

Both Alligator and Crocodile skin is rare and sought after. Many famous brands, such as Hermès, Gucci, Prada, are relying on such noble leather beauty and intrinsic style to create stunning exotic items.

This being said, Alligator is the more expensive skin and deemed a notch higher on the luxury ladder compared to crocodile leather. Even more, we truly believe it to be the better choice for adorning your favorite watch.

Alligators are more likely available in small sizes, which makes them a great exotic leather choice for watch straps. The smaller tiles will make their impact on the less than 1-inch width, as opposed to the larger ones on Crocodile skins.

Their petite size also offers 2 more great perks. One is the softness, buttery-like smoothness, and suppleness of a small Alligator skin. A watchband must be very flexible & comfy.

The second one is there will be significantly less scarring on younger hides. No marks or scratches on your favorite wristband, 'cause you want your Gator strap to be perfect.

Alligator scales are less uniform in shape and size, creating a very complex & unique look, compared to the almost symmetrical Crocodile pattern. This makes Alligator skin more difficult to mimic by using exotic grain or print on calf leather.

And last but not least, Alligator is an extremely durable leather, requiring a minimum amount of maintenance compared to most exotic leathers.  

 Alligator scales clopse-up

Aligator leather, notice the seemingly uneven pattern


Crocodile leather

Crocodile skin, larger & more even scales


 Alligator watch strap

Emerald Green Alligator strap