Italian Full Grain Leather Belt, Black with Chrome Buckle
Italian Full Grain Leather Belt, Black with Chrome Buckle
Italian Full Grain Leather Belt, Black with Chrome Buckle
Italian Full Grain Leather Belt, Black with Chrome Buckle

Italian Full Grain Leather Belt, Black with Chrome Buckle

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Italian Full Grain Leather Belt, Black with Chrome Buckle

Our solid leather belt might just be the one you just fit on any pair of casual pants or jeans you wear.

✔ Just one thick layer of leather, will not split - you will wear this belt for a very, very long time

✔ Easy to cut shorter at home - you only need a screwdriver, a cutter, a hammer, and a nail.

✔ It will age beautifully - your belt will gain a beautiful patina as you wear it

✔ Traditional Tanning - only natural oils and tannins (pigments, that is) for this leather

Friendly to the environment & your skin

Handcrafted in the Bocane Atelier, small series. Each belt will be unique, thanks to the full-grain leather, which keeps the natural look and small marks on the leather. Leather color might vary from one batch to another, as the tannery will prepare the traditional cocktail of oils & pigments for each series of leather.

Our Italian is a beautiful leather, featuring several nuances and fine lines in lighter and darker shades of the same color. It is a gorgeous leather with character.  It will become lighter in color when bent or scratched and receive patina as you wear it.



Leather: Full Grain Leather
Width: 3.5 cm (+/- 1 mm) / 1.38"
Color: Black
Stitch: Machine Stitched
Special finishes:
  • 3 layers of edge seal paint for a complete beautiful look
  • Two keepers
  • Hand sewing at the buckle side
Leather Thickness: 3.2 mm-3.6 mm
Buckle: Metal Finish, Chrome , Made in Italy
Made in Europe, right in the Bocane Leather Manufacture Atelier








The size is the length of the belt, measured from the buckle to the tip of the belt. The buckle is not included in the measurement, only the leather part. 

Choose the right size for you: measure your waist, right where you wear the belt. To pick the perfect size for you find the measurement in the table below. Try to keep your measurement in the middle of the waist fits, just in case :) If you measure your waist 81 cm  / 31.89", choose size 100 cm / 39.37'', so you can close it at the middle hole. 

Tip! We cut your belt shorter for you before shipping it, free! Just add a longer belt to your cart and mention the length you want, buckle to tip, in your shopping cart NoteA Bocane belt is easy to cut shorter at home, and you only need usual household tools.


Length bukle to tip Waist fit (cm) Waist fit (inch)
95 cm / 37.4'' 71.5 - 82 cm 28.15 - 32.28 ''
100 cm / 39.37'' 76.5 - 87 cm 30.12 - 34.25 ''
105 cm / 41.34'' 81.5 - 92 cm 32.09 - 36.22 ''
110 cm / 43.31'' 86.5 - 97 cm 34.06 - 38.19 ''
115 cm / 45.28'' 91.5 - 102 cm 36.02 - 40.16 ''
120 cm / 47.24'' 96.5 - 107 cm 37.99 - 42.13 ''
125 cm / 49.21'' 101.5 - 112 cm 39.96 - 44.09 ''
130 cm / 51.18'' 106.5 - 117 cm 41.93 - 46.06 ''
135 cm / 53.15'' 111.5 - 122 cm 43.9 - 48.03 ''
140 cm / 55.12'' 116.5 - 127 cm 45.87 - 50 ''
145 cm / 57.09'' 121.5 - 132 cm 47.83 - 51.97 ''
150 cm / 59.06'' 126.5 - 137 cm 49.8 - 53.94 ''
155 cm / 61.02'' 131.5 - 142 cm 51.77 - 55.91 ''
160 cm / 62.99'' 136.5 - 147 cm 53.74 - 57.87 ''
165 cm / 64.96'' 141.5 - 152 cm 55.71 - 59.84 ''
170 cm / 66.93'' 146.5 - 157 cm 57.68 - 61.81 ''


Belt length info

We punch 5 holes in each belt, from 13 cm / 5.12" to 23 cm / 9" distance from the tip. If you are not sure what size you need just contact us, we would love to help out!



Is your Bocane belt on the long side? Have you lost weight? 

No worries! Our belts are easy to cut shorter at home, and you can use the usual household tools and your own handicraft and the will to have a perfect-fitting belt 😊 

Before you begin, measure carefully and make sure you know exactly what length you want. Better safe than sorry, so might want to measure twice 😅

You need a regular screwdriver, a pair of scissors or a cutter and a nail and a hammer or a leather punch tool. 

Then you can just follow the 3 simple steps below to have your perfect fitting belt quickly:


Done! You won your handicraft badge! 😎



  • If you want a belt shorter than what is available you can ask us to cut it shorter for you before shipping, it's free! Let us know by writing your request in the order note in your shopping cart.
  • You cannot return a belt once cut shorter.
  • Contact us if you need help, we can't wait to hear from you!


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Curea din Piele Full Grain Italiana cu accent Olive

Va mulțumesc enorm pentru Calitate Superioară la Produse, Servicii, Ambalaje, Comunicare etc
Am rămas încântați și plăcut surprinși de tot ce înseamnă Bocane!

marius margoi
foarte eleganta

este foarte eleganta

Robert Irod
foarte smechere aceste curele

nu se deformeaza, arata impecabil, sunteti nr 1

Oana Lungu

Calitate și profesionalism

Bustiuc Paul Cristian
O firma "jos pălăria"

Nu e prima data când cumpăr de la aceasta firma, promptitudinea, calitatea și respectul fata de client e la ea acasă. Voi mai cumpăra de la voi și va recomand cu plăcere!