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We are happy to establish long-term partnerships with collaborators who want quality products, worked with attention to detail. We are Manufacturers of Alligator, Python, Lizard, Calf Leather Watch Straps , Men's Leather Straps , Wallets and Card Holders and other types of leather and small leather goods.

Boots accessories

Why Boot Leather Products?

  • Impress your customers with quality products - Bocane products satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Details are our strength and the reason why we have long-term collaborations with fair benefits for both parties.
  • We anticipate your wishes - for you the process is simple and beautiful: tell us what you want. We take care of everything and support you so that you get the products, as you imagined them.
  • Your brand - choose for the products to bear your logo and be made according to your specifications.
  • Only the best - we don't compromise on quality, and your customers will definitely notice that!
  • Larger or smaller quantities - we have solutions even if you are an entrepreneur at the beginning of the journey, or you are looking for a supplier capable of delivering large quantities of products.


What is the minimum order value?

Contact us and tell us what you want, we will propose the most suitable solution.

What discount do you offer for wholesale orders?

The commercial offer depends on the products ordered and the value of the order. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to issue a personalized offer according to the needs of your business.

Do you also work in the Dropshipping system?

Yes, contact us and a consultant will give you complete details.

Which is the delivery time?

For products made to order, full details will be included in the commercial offer.

Can you customize the products with a different logo than Bocane?

Of course, we can customize the products with your logo hot printed on the leather, with or without folio.

Do you also produce leather accessories according to specifications?

Of course, we can produce leather parts according to designs, drawings, photos or samples.

Can I order gift boxes? Can they be customized?

Of course, you can order gift boxes with the Bocane logo or with your own logo.

Do you also work with partners from outside the country? Do you also deliver outside Romania?

Of course, we also have partners outside the country and we deliver outside Romania via UPS / DHL.


Complete the form below to be contacted by a Bocane consultant