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Buy online safely

Because many of our store's customers ask absolutely normal questions related to the safety of online shopping, we thought of preparing a section related to this topic.

Here are some of the minimum conditions that an online store should ensure in order to convince a customer to place orders:

  1. Make sure that the store has been functional for a minimum period of time - online stores that have been operating for a longer period of time have had the necessary time to develop, to optimize their customer support and to test and improve their time range of products. This information should appear in the About Us, Company or Contact section. For example, the store Bocane.ro started its online activity in 2011.
  2. The store presents a minimum of necessary information: the name of the company that operates the store, clear contact details and the program with customers, address, tax identification data and registration with the Trade Registry. On the first page there must be a link to ANPC (National Agency for Consumer Protection). Bocane displays this type of data both in the About Us section and in the Contact section.
  3. Commercial policies (such as Product Delivery and Payment Methods) and those applied in relations with clients (Return and Privacy Policy), Terms and Conditions of use of services, etc. they must be clearly displayed in the store and easy to find and understand. If you have questions or concerns, it is better to contact the store and clarify before placing an order.
  4. The products have clear, large images and product descriptions that contain as much information as possible. The investment required to create good quality images of the products and hiring staff to create pleasant and informative descriptions are not within everyone's reach, and are quite clear indications that you are dealing with a serious store.
  5. The costs of products and related services (for example, delivery), payment methods and delivery time are clearly displayed and available from the beginning. In the Bocane store, all this information is available on the product page.
  6. If the store allows checking the package before payment, this is a convincing argument in its favor. Bocane offers its customers the option of Opening a Parcel with a cost of only 5 Lei.
  7. Contact the store and ask for information if you have any doubts. A serious store offers support through a pleasant, polite and above all informative conversation. A section where other customers have left written opinions is definitely useful. If there are also negative opinions or that describe various problems, the chances increase that the opinions are real and especially that the store does not delete the negative opinions it receives.
  8. Check the Return Policy. Even a product ordered from a serious store may not fit you or you may not like it. Do not forget that the legislation obliges online stores to accept the return of delivered products for at least 14 days from the moment of receipt by the customer, with rare exceptions. The Bocane store offers a 30-day return period for the vast majority of products.
  9. Last but not least, take a general look at the store. Just as a beautiful and well-kept store in the mall is more pleasant to visit and convinces more customers, an online store involves maintenance and design expenses that are not within everyone's reach, so often a beautiful store is also a serious store.

We hope that we were able to help you with this little guide and that you will use this information to make your online shopping safer and more pleasant!

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