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Romanian legislation provides: The consumer has the right to notify the merchant in writing that he is canceling the purchase, without penalties and without citing a reason, within 14 days of receiving the product ( Government Ordinance no. 130/2000, supplemented by Government Ordinance 34/2014).

You have the right of return within 30 days for all orders

placed by individuals . The offer cannot be combined with other offers and is valid only once for a customer.


How to exchange or return:


Send an email to office@bocane.ro with the name under which the order was placed, your return option - product exchange or refund, return transport option - we will pick up your return (cost 15 Lei for orders less than 299 Lei) or return on your own account, and Bank account IBAN , if you want to refund the value of the order. We can only refund the value of the order to the person who placed the order.


If you want to send the product back on your own account, send the parcel to the address Bocane Accesories SRL, Str. Strajei Nr. 91B, Cumpana, Jud. Constanta, tel. 0341.405.236 .

Attention, only products that are in the same condition in which they were delivered and meet the return conditions below can be returned.

That's it, we take care of everything from here!

If you have any concerns, ask for more information at office@bocane.ro or call 0341.405.236 . We are at your disposal!

At your express request, we offer the service of picking up the product, cost 15 Lei . You can also opt for the Rapid Exchange Service, at the price of 29 Lei .

Right of Withdrawal

According to Government Ordinance 34/2014, the individual customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, without specifying the reasons, within 14 days of receiving the order. Because we want to make everything as simple as possible, we decided to offer a 30-day right of return , starting from the day you placed the order. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform Bocane Accesories SRL, Str. Strajei No. 91B, Cumpana, Jud. Constanta, tel. 0341.405.236, e-mail office@bocane.ro regarding your decision, in writing. For this purpose, you can use the Withdrawal Model below only if you wish. You must send us your request within 30 days of placing the order.

Consequences of Withdrawal:

If you withdraw within the legal term of 14 days from receiving the order , we will refund any amount paid by you, including the delivery costs, less the deliveries for which you opted for or other additional services requested by you. Delivery costs are not returned, other than the standard delivery offered free of charge, outside the Fan Courier coverage area, the charge of 7 Lei for the Parcel Opening service, the charges expressly requested for express delivery or Saturday delivery. The refund will take place within 14 days from the date on which we are informed about the withdrawal decision. We will make the refund to the bank account (IBAN) indicated by you and bear the bank fees for the transfer, with the exception of any collection fees charged by your bank.

If you withdraw after the 14 days, within 30 days of placing the order , you will be refunded the value of the products paid, from which the amount of 20 Lei will be deducted, the value of the transport offered for the delivered product and the costs of packaging the products .

Send the products to the address Bocane Accesories SRL, Str. Strajei Nr. 91B, Cumpana, Jud. Constanta, tel. 0341.405.236 , within a maximum of 14 days from the date you notified us of your withdrawal. The term is respected if the products are sent back before the expiration of the 14-day period. You will have to bear the direct cost of returning the products by your own means or request the collection of the products (cost 15 Lei). The customer is only responsible for reducing the value of the products resulting from manipulations, other than those necessary to determine the nature, qualities and functioning of the products.

The deadlines mentioned above, according to OG 34/2014, can be extended accordingly if the last day is a non-working day.


Model Withdrawal Form

This form is sent back completed only if you want to withdraw from the contract.

  • To: Bocane Accesories SRL, Str. Strajei No. 91B, Cumpana, Jud. Constanta, tel. 0341.405.236 :
  • I hereby inform you about my withdrawal from the contract regarding the sale of the following products: (complete with the products)
  • Customer Name: (fill in the name of the customer who placed the order)
  • Return option: (exchange with other products or return the value of the order)
  • The transport option: (I want to pick up the returned products by courier - charge 15 Lei or I want to send the return on my own account)
  • Date (fill in the date of the request)

It is enough to fill in the data above and send your withdrawal request by e-mail to office@bocane.ro . We ask that the information requested by the form be on a sheet of paper in the parcel with the returned products.


We reserve the right to accept or not withdrawal requests from legal entities.

Return information


- The return must be requested by the individual client within a maximum of 30 days from placing the order and to be shipped within a maximum of 14 days from submitting the return request

- The products must be in the same condition in which they were delivered (labels attached, original packaging, not worn, damaged or worn). If you no longer have the packaging / labels of the product, it can be returned with a deduction of 10 lei from the returned value or exchanged for another product that will be shipped without a gift box.

Gift packaging, gift coupons, discount vouchers , made-to-order or customized products cannot be returned, according to OG 130/2000, art. 10, paragraph c) and OG 34/2014, art. 16 paragraph c).


Please send your request by e-mail to office@bocane.ro . We recommend telephone confirmation of receipt of your return request at 0341.405.236. We will answer you by e-mail or phone and help you to complete the return quickly and easily.

Of course! It is enough to mention the name of the products you want to return in the return (withdrawal) request.

Please send the warranty certificate or a copy of the invoice together with the returned product. You can send the parcel containing your return by courier if you do not want to benefit from the return transport organized by us.


We provide optional pick-up of the products you want to return by fast courier, cost 15 Lei.

If you want to return the package on your own account, you will have to pay the courier the cost of delivery.

This is the address to which you can send a return:

BOCANE ACCESSORIES SRL Str. Strajei No. 91B Cumpana, 907105, Constanta County, tel. 0341.405.236


Within a maximum of 3 working days after receiving your return parcel, you will be informed by e-mail only if the products do not meet the return criteria (simply they must not be worn, damaged, have the labels and the original packaging - if not you still have the packaging and labels, we will apply a fee of 10 lei to return the product to the condition in which it can be sold - not to have undergone any changes that prevent their sale, and, of course, the package must contain all the products from your request of return). If the returned product is no longer in the condition in which it was delivered, we reserve the right to calculate the decrease in the value of the product with the costs necessary to restore it to a salable condition.


- Classic Exchange of products or Quick Exchange (cost 29 Lei).

- Voucher in store - will be available in My Account > My Vouchers in 1 working day. If you choose this option, the value of the voucher will be equal to the value of the initial order, from which any discounts, promotions or gifts will be deducted.

- Refund of the order value - you will have to send us the bank account details in the name of the person who placed the order, and the money will be returned to you within 14 days of receiving your return (withdrawal) request.


You can choose a cheaper product instead and receive the money difference in your account or in the form of a voucher in the store.

If you want to receive more expensive products in exchange, you can pay the difference using any of the available payment methods.

If you request a return, the discount vouchers or promotions associated with that order will be cancelled.
The value of your order will be returned to the bank account within a maximum of 14 days from the written return request.

Full Grain Vegetal Tanned Leather - normal surface:

Vegetable tanned leather surfaceFull grain leather


Products from Full Grain Natural Leather / Vegetal Tanning - this leather is absolutely special because it is the most natural version of leather available: it is tanned without chemicals and its surface is kept natural, without additional processes. For this reason, the signs that appeared during the animal's life are preserved on the surface of the skin: scratches, stains, folds. Because the surface of the leather is not sanded and corrected or covered with an artificial layer, these marks give personality and uniqueness to each product. We accept returns for any of our products, without explanation. However, the product will be changed or the amount paid by guarantee will be returned only if the leather has defects on the face (on the outside), which interrupt the surface of the leather and touch the inside of the leather, as in the image below. In any other situations, you can request a normal return. If you are not sure, contact us , we will be happy to help you!

Full Grain Tanned Vegetal Leather - Defect:

Skin defect

Thank you for choosing Bocane!

Updated 22.10.2019