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How to measure the watch strap to choose the correct size

The dimensions of the watch strap represent the width of the strap at the telescope , in the area where it is attached to the watch, and the width at the buckle , in the area where the strap ends.

The size of the telescope dictates the choice of strap that fits perfectly on the watch. Buckle size it is only necessary if you want to replace the buckle with which the watch strap is delivered.

To find out the width of the strap suitable for your watch , carefully measure the area where the strap is mounted on the watch with the help of the telescope. For the size of the buckle, measure the area inside the buckle, which is also mounted with a telescope.

To find out the length of the watch strap suitable for you, measure the length of the old watch strap (separately for the two pieces). The standard length is 115 mm and 75 mm, measured from the center of the telescope hole to the tip / center of the telescope hole.

If the length of your strap exceeds these dimensions by more than 5 mm, you need a Long or Extra Long strap.