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✮ Genuinely Natural Full Grain Leather , tanned in Italy, only with plant tannins. The leather used does not contain chemical salts added during tanning. For this reason, it does not cause allergies, and is environmentally friendly.

✮ Thick skin , of at least 3.2 mm thickness is more resistant than other types of leather. Because it is cut from a single skin, without additions of other materials and glued layers, it does not come apart in layers and lasts beautifully over time. When worn, the leather of the Bocane bracelet acquires a pleasant patina, or, as they say, "ages" beautifully.

✮ The natural, unique appearance makes each bracelet have its own personality. The leather has a beautiful, natural look on the front, and a layer of wax has been applied on the back, which finishes the otherwise unfinished back of the leather. The back of the leather can have an interesting appearance, furrowed by small "cracks", which do not affect the strength of the belt, but which is an indication by which the solid, thick natural leather can be recognized.

✮ The bracelet is made in Romania , with care and attention to every detail. Due to repeated sanding and painting, to finish the edges of the leather, the width of the bracelet may vary by +/- 1 mm compared to the displayed size

Leather bracelets are already Gift Wrapped , for a complete experience


Easily choose the right Bocane bracelet size for you, in 2 simple steps:

Step 1 - Measure: Use a tape measure or a strip of paper to measure the circumference of the wrist of the hand on which you usually wear the bracelet, in the area with the wrist bone.
It measures exactly, without tightening and without leaving the tailor's tape measure or the paper strip wide. If you measure with a strip of paper, carefully mark where the ends of the strip touch.

Measure the wrist

Step 2 - Choose: Write down the result of the measurement and choose the right size for you from the table. If you prefer the bracelet to be looser, add 0.5 cm to the measurements and then choose the size from the table.

16 cm XXS
17 cm XS
18 cm S
19 cm m
20 cm IT
21 cm XL

If you need help, contact us , it will be our pleasure to help you choose the right size!