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Today we encounter expressions like 100% leather or natural leather displayed on the labels of the belts we want to buy, but these phrases do not always reflect the truth as we would like. Many times leather is an over-processed product, and unfortunately along the way it loses the very qualities that convince us to turn to leather accessories: beauty, resistance, naturalness.

We all know that a leather belt should be durable, soft, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic, allow the skin to breathe. Leather belts should be able to be worn for a long time and not come apart.

Many of our older acquaintances often say: Things are no longer done the way they were done in my time! And they are right. That is precisely why I decided that a job well done must be done with one's own hands. That's how I became manufacturers of leather belts .

We carefully choose the leather from which we make Bocane belts. Here's what it means and how to recognize quality leather:

Vegetable Tanned Leather - it is leather tanned by the most natural process available. Vegetable smoking means that oils and tannins that come from plants are used. It is a traditional process, which lasts up to 60 days and requires personnel qualified in this ancient art of leather tanning. By comparison, leather tanning with chromium salts can take only one day, and can be completely automated. The vegetable tanned leather is hypoallergenic, that is, it does not irritate the skin, it has a specific smell, which most of us associate with the skin, it can be worn for many years if it is properly cared for and acquires a pleasant patina over time after wearing it. Moreover, vegetable tanning is completely non-polluting. For these reasons, vegetable tanned leathers are so appreciated, and their price is much higher.

Full grain leather - it is the skin that keeps the natural fiber of the skin in its entirety. The upper layers of the skin, the ones immediately below the hair, are also the most resistant, but at the same time they keep any signs that existed on the skin - scratches, scars, animal marks. Thus, each piece of leather has its own personality. "Integral" leather, so to speak, is extremely resistant over time and, properly cared for, can last a lifetime.

Now that you have found out how special the Bocane belt is that you have chosen, we just want you to enjoy it!