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The size of the Bocane leather belt is measured along the entire length of the belt, without the buckle.

To find out what the right size is, measure your waist circumference (or hip circumference, depending on the area where you will wear the pants belt), then choose the right size for you from the table below. Ideally, your waist size should be as close to the middle of the waist size range as possible.

For example, for a waist measurement of 81 cm, choose the size 100 cm for the belt rather than 95 cm, so that you can close the belt at the middle hole of your Bocane belt.

Bocane straps with a width greater than 3 cm can be easily shortened at home, thanks to the screw fastening system.
Size   Waist
95   82 - 72 cm
100   87 - 77 cm
105   92 - 82 cm
110   97 - 87 cm
115   102 - 92 cm
120   107 - 97 cm
125   112 - 102 cm
130   117 - 107 cm
135   122 - 112 cm
140   127 - 117 cm
145   132 - 122 cm
150   137 - 127 cm
155   142 - 132 cm
160   147 - 137 cm
165   152 - 142 cm
170   157 - 147 cm
Bocane belt information

Each Bocane leather belt has 5 holes, from 13 cm to 23 cm away from the top of the belt.
If you are not sure, contact us , we will help you with the greatest pleasure!


Is the Boots leather strap long for you?

No problem! You can easily shorten it at home, without needing special tools for leather goods, but just a touch of skill and the desire to make your Bocane belt fit you perfectly.

Before starting, measure carefully and find out the final size you want your belt to reach. It's very important to be sure, so better measure twice :)

You need a straight screwdriver, scissors or a cutter, leather pliers or a nail and a hammer.

Follow the 3 steps to adjust your favorite leather belt to the desired length:

Shortening Bocane belt in 3 steps

Ready! Now you can be proud of the belt that fits you perfectly!

Do not forget:

  • At Bocane we offer you the service of shortening the belt before shipping for free. All you have to do is mention in your order what length you want your belt to be (smaller than the ordered size).
  • You can ask for your belt to be shortened even after you receive it. The service costs 39.99 Lei and includes the transport from your home to the Bocane workshop and back (valid in the Fan Courier coverage area).
  • A shortened belt cannot be returned.
  • If we can help you, we are at your disposal on 0341405236 or 0770348413 from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 17:00