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We know what exotic leather accessories can mean and how they manage to bring a drop of style to everyday life. The joy of receiving or giving such a special gift and the awareness of its beauty.

What could be more appropriate, whether you want to give a special gift to a loved one, a corporate gift or treat yourself to an impressive accessory, than a men's wallet, a damask wallet or a Bocane belt? And for a special occasion, you can accessorize your outfit with a long Bocane wallet, instead of an envelope purse.

But what exactly does "exotic skin" mean? What kind of skin fits into this category? There are many types of exotic skin, the most famous of which are the skin of alligator, snake, catfish, python, shark, fish, etc.

Because we know how important the care of these exceptional accessories is, we offer you below a series of important information in this regard.

Your exotic leather accessories can be used for a long time if they are properly maintained. Animal skins, and especially exotic animal skins, require periodic specific care to preserve their qualities and prevent them from drying, cracking or breaking.

How to store your exotic leather accessories: Exotic leather products are very sensitive to dust, so it is good to keep them in the closet, but in sealed boxes or bags, in areas away from excessive heat or cold, temperature variations or sunlight .

How to care for your exotic leather accessories: a "periodic care" should take place once every few months, and the following steps should be followed: clean your accessory methodically with a very soft, dry cloth or with a special cleaning solution for exotic leather products. After cleaning, you can use a special care product for exotic skin (products based on beeswax are recommended, which restore natural hydration and seal the skin).

Very important: products for cleaning and caring for normal leather or products for cleaning wood are not recommended for the care of exotic leather products; they can even be harmful! And when using a special exotic skin care product for the first time, we recommend testing it on a small, less visible area of ​​the accessory, to make sure that no discoloration occurs.

We wish you to enjoy your exotic leather accessories for as long as possible!

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