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It is by no means the skin we are used to touching every day when we put on our shoes or sit on a comfortable sofa. It's THAT skin! The one we admire in the creations of the big fashion houses, and which we associate with the luxury promoted by them.

And we have reason to admire and secretly wish for a small object created from Alligator Skin. Her beauty is first of all unique. There are no two items of this type of leather that look the same - the wrinkles, scales, texture are unique and specific to each piece of Alligator Leather. So when you finally have your accessory made of this leather, you can be sure that it is different from any other, simply unique.

In addition to its absolutely special beauty, this leather also gives the accessories a special resistance - consider that for a really, not small cost, you receive an object that can be kept and admired for many decades, if it is taken care of correct.

In the new 2011 collection, Bocane.ro offers admirable accessories made of exotic leather, including alligator leather wallets.

You just have to choose your favorite!

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