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What do we do when we are in the position to find that the beauty of the leather from which the favorite belt is made risks being destroyed by a water stain?

Water Stained Leather Belt

First of all, we wipe the stain as quickly as possible with a clean napkin. It is possible that a small amount of color will be on the napkin, but don't worry, it's normal. Water has a tendency to replace the natural tannins used in tanning the leather, and for this reason the leather stains when in contact with water.

The skin is quickly wiped with a napkin

After wiping, the water stain will be noticeable on the skin.

For the next step, it is important to know if the skin used for your belt it is nubuck leather or waxed leather. Nubuck leather it has a velvety appearance, with color changes when the hand passes over the surface of the skin. Waxed skin is the classic one.

If you want to clean a classic leather belt, use a piece of clean, white, slightly moistened cloth. It is important that the cloth is only slightly wet, squeezed very well, and especially that it is not colored, risking to stain the skin even more. Wipe the belt meticulously over the entire surface, insisting on the stained area.

The skin is cleaned with a soft, slightly moistened cloth

Again, a small amount of color transfer to the cloth is normal. The surface of the skin will darken in color, but only temporarily, until it dries. Then let the skin dry naturally, in a ventilated space, without being exposed to the sun or heat sources. The stain will most likely disappear completely after drying.

As the picture shows, this procedure is not recommended for nubuck leather, because it will stain even more.

To clean the nubuck leather, use a piece of fine-grained abrasive paper (sandpaper).

Cleaning nubuck leather with abrasive paper

Sand a larger surface than the stained one, then carefully wipe with a dry white napkin to remove the resulting skin particles.

This method of cleaning nubuck leather can also get you out of trouble with other stains on the surface of the leather :)

Below is an image in which we compare the skin before being stained and after the specific cleaning for each type of skin:

Comparison between the appearance of the skin before staining and after cleaning

We hope that our tips were useful to you!

We recommend that you first try any cleaning method or solution on a small, less visible or hidden area of ​​the belt to make sure it works as you expect.

The above tips are intended for Bocane leather belts, we do not assume responsibility for products that do not belong to us or if the tips are not followed exactly or the results are not as expected.

If you are not sure, contact a leather goods repair workshop to help you clean your leather belt or other leather goods.

We wish you pleasant shopping in our store!

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