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Many of our customers want a watch strap specially made for their watch . Because they can choose their leather, stitching and a multitude of other details so important for watch wearers, such as the type of watch clasp, the thickness of the strap or a convex profile.

Some of these projects are complex and captivating, and create their own story, as they unfold in the skilled hands of the Bocane craftsman.

I worked here on a new strap for an IWC watch , which required the recovery of the inserts from the old strap, due to the complex fastening system of the watch, with internal cutout.

Recovery of inserts from the old belt

In the first stage, our colleague recovered the inserts from the old belt, removing the used leather, then sanded and removed all traces of glue from the inserts.

Preparing the leather for the IWC watch strap

Then he prepared and brought to the required thickness the full grain leather in a spectacular shade of antique blue, chosen by the customer for his new watch strap. If you like this blue watch strap , you can see more models in stock in the Bocane store.

The leather takes the shape of the watch strap

He carefully glued the leather and shaped it, to perfectly cover the insert and obtain the desired look for the watch strap. Because the insert already had holes for the stitching, each perforation was scored in the leather in exactly the same place where it was on the original strap.

The leather is turned on the edges and polished

The edges of the leather have been turned inside out and sanded carefully, so as not to affect the final shape of the belt.

Almost an IWC strap

It's already starting to look like a watch strap, isn't it? 😊

I think you are already curious about what the final result looks like, so we won't keep you in suspense any longer:

The watch strap is ready to be mounted on the watch

If you liked this short episode, visit us again, we will share other secrets of working with leather, one of the most beautiful crafts, if you ask us!

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