Bocane Atelier strap under work


Bocane Atelier started out as a one man army, more a dream than a business, in 1997.  Big heart and almost no money at all.

Marius, the owner, remembers:

"When I was a kid I used to go to our local leatherworker to have our shoes repaired. I loved everything about his atelier. But most of all the smell of leather and all those funny tools he had. The artisan used to say they are his secret. I was fascinated."

Growing up, he could no longer get the same feeling from any leather items he found in shops.

"I could not find that leather smell again anywhere. The details of the leatherwork were just not there. There was no love in those items."

So? Marius started making his own.

"My first wallet was terrible. I thought to myself: Wow, this is not easy to doSo the next day, I tried again. And the next day, after that. It took a while."

He started offering his work as a gift to friends and family. As the feedback was awesome, he decided to take a plunge and invest in this dream.

Later on, his wife Andreea, joined the team.

Today Bocane Atelier is a small family business. We still want the same: leathercraft that means something. The right smell, the right details.

We are not famous yet, but you know what they say. "It takes 25 years of hard works to become successful over night." So, any day now! :)

Bocate Atelier founder

 Here we are. We can take on anything! :)



Here, at Bocane Atelier, we strive to provide joy for the senses and soul, by our manufacture leatherwork. By only using leather from traditional tanneries, time spent with each and every item we make and over 20 years of artisan craftsmanship experience.

Complete Experience, starting with the details on every product we make, uniqueness that only handcraft can offer, Gift wrapping.

And last but not least, We are here. We enjoy nothing better than talking to you, answering your questions about our products, offering a hand in finding the right item for you.     



We know trust must be earned. We work hard to keep up the 4.9 stars reviews from our clients on our Facebook page and in our shop, where we use the Judge.me independent reviews platform.