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✮ Genuinely Natural Full Grain Leather , tanned in Italy, only with plant tannins. The leather used does not contain chemical salts added during tanning. For this reason, it does not cause allergies, and is environmentally friendly.

✮ Thick skin , of 3.2-3.6 mm thickness and more resistance than other skin types. Because it is cut from a single skin, without additions of other materials and glued layers, it does not come apart in layers and lasts beautifully over time. When worn, the leather of the Bocane straps acquires a pleasant patina, or, as they say, "ages" beautifully.

✮ The natural, unique appearance makes each belt have its own personality. The leather has a beautiful, natural look on the front, and a layer of wax has been applied on the back, which finishes the otherwise unfinished back of the leather. The back of the leather can have an interesting appearance, furrowed by small "cracks", which do not affect the strength of the belt, but which is an indication by which the solid, thick natural leather can be recognized.

✮ The belt It is worked in Romania , and passes through 15 work operations to obtain a beautiful and durable belt from the thick leather. Due to repeated sanding and painting to finish the edges of the leather, the width of the strap may vary by +/- 1 mm from the displayed size


The size of the Bocane leather belt is measured along the entire length of the belt, without the buckle.

To find out what the right size is, measure your waist circumference (or hip circumference, depending on the area where you will wear the belt), then choose the right size for you from the table below. Ideally, the measured size should be as close as possible to the middle of the size range for the waist.

For example, for a waist measurement of 89 cm, choose the size 100 cm for the belt rather than 95 cm, so that you can close the belt at the middle hole of your Bocane belt.

Ladies' Bocane straps cannot be shortened.

Size   Waist
85   68 - 79 cm
100   83 - 94 cm
105   88 - 99 cm
110   93 - 104 cm
115   98 - 109 cm
120   103 - 114 cm
125   108 - 119 cm

If you are not sure what the right size is, contact us , we will help you with the greatest pleasure!